Inspired by the global events, a brand new concept is born to connect and celebrate equestrian and urban culture

About 220v

Two Twenty Volt by TheraPlate

Inspired by the global events, a brand new concept is born to connect and celebrate equestrian and urban culture. We are pleased to announce that 220V [two twenty volt] by TheraPlate is a UK- based fashion brand created to fulfil the needs of the fashion enthusiasts of the equestrian world, which up until now has been restricted by the copy and paste designs of other brands.

220V by TheraPlate launches an unrepresentative everyday fashion wear, which is focused on contemporary and artistic designs. These designs are brought to life by young and ambitious unseen artists from around the world, a true celebration of our modern society. In homage to the Theraplate VWC technology, the creation of a brand that is not only unique but also completely progressive.

We have taken time to ensure our vision and personality has been incorporated into the artistic designs and we encourage our customers to openly embrace our identity and vision, by becoming involved in our social media campaigns, by showing us which design speaks most to you, by means of social media, with our #220vtheraplate.

Speaking through the means of artistic interpretation, we hope to inspire all our customers and future generations to celebrate diversity by creating an equestrian brand inspired by urban and runway fashion instead of predictable country and equestrian attire. We are incredibly proud to have supported the british economy throughout the 2020 pandemic by choosing to work with unseen UK based digital artists, to bring 220V designs to life.

We encourage all global followers of TheraPlate to explore and embrace what could now be a brand new future. Brought to life during the 2020 global crises in the hope of helping to inspire everyone in their journey away from restrictions and help not only recognise but celebrate new opportunities made available during a dark time in our history, that can now be embraced by our freedom. 220V by TheraPlate presents the very first collection – Liberty.