Inspired by the global events, a brand new concept is born to connect and celebrate equestrian and urban culture

The Liberty Collection 


The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behaviour, or political views.

“compulsory retirement would interfere with individual liberty” synonyms: independence · freedom · autonomy · sovereignty · self government · self rule · self determination · home rule · civil liberties · civil rights · human rights · autarky

About the Artist

Jessica Charsley is a 20 year old illustrator.  After completing the first year of an Illustration Degree Course, she applied and was accepted for a full-time position as creative designer/illustrator, with a reputable Dorset based company. 18 months on, she continues to hone her skills and develop her own style whilst working on a variety of projects and commissions.

Her main inspiration has come from the pop art movement, where she uses digital software to create her own individual style of work, using vivid colour with strong graphical angles.’

The Liberty Collection

Liberty Collection has a total of 3 designs, which was brought to life by British Digital Artist Jessica Charsley [20] Liberty collection: Introducing each design: London, Glasgow, Dubai.


Glasgow Inspiration came from the The equestrian statue of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington located outside the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland, which is one of Glasgow’s most iconic landmarks. Sculpted by Italian artist Carlo Marochetti and erected in 1844, it is notable for being typically capped with a traffic cone, a practice which has become traditional in the city.


TheraPlate UAE was lucky enough to be a part of the Al Shiraa Horse Show 2020, which saw TheraPlate officially launching in the UAE for the very first time, 2020 has been a completely unique year for everyone on a global scale affecting everyone from all walks of life. 220V was inspired by what we saw over in the UAE especially from their fastest police cars in the world. We wanted to create an image which went full circle to bring us back to home roots no matter how far we travel Great Britain will also be called home.


To commensurate our brave police horses and all they do to protect and serve the public, 2020 was a reminder of that when a heroic female police officer was thrown from her police horse during her line of duty where she suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs during the BLM protest, where protesters chucked missiles including a bike, leaving the horse spooked. The police horse managed to find its way back to the stable yard where the horse was uninjured. The wolves are depicting the protesters from 2020.